Izara Bangle by Katerina Vassou


This beautiful Izara designer bangle is handmade. The Athens-based designer, Katerina Vassou uses metal and handcrafting techniques to create unique, contemporary jewellery that is elegant and sophisticated.  Wear this necklace day or night to elevate your outfit.

Bangle Measures approx 4cm width. Stunning black and white hand painted metal with scalloped edging gives this cuff bracelet a bold and modern look. Cuff is open to easily slide on.

Necklace has 3 rings at back to adjust the length. 

Made in Greece

Katerina Vassou is a well known and popular brand in Greece. 

“Creating jewellery with a personality

A universe of spontaneous creativity, realized in handcrafted jewellery of great artistry.

This is the universe of Katerina Vassou jewellery, which has stood out, already since its first collection, with its innovative design, a wealth of charming forms and the use of unexpected material.

Semi-precious stones, silver, metal, crystals, bone, wood, rope, corals, get transformed, through elaborate processes, into jewellery with character; which, in some magical way, incorporates the personality of the wearer.”

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