Eugenia Pantahos

GREEK LIFE - Family Culture Food by Eugenia Pantahos - Greek Lifestyle Book


A specially prepared book of time- honoured Greek traditions, culture and recipes, lovingly assembled for future generations - to be preserved and not lost, to be embraced and not forgotten, and always to be enjoyed and celebrated. 

A treasured book to gift and to keep for your family.  A Greek reference guide that will have you regularly looking through for age old Greek Traditions.

A must have for every Greek home or those married or socializing with Greeks to understand their traditions, philosophy and to try some of their traditional Greek recipes. 

Covers aspect of Greek Life such as Religious Ceremonies, Births and Christenings, Engagements and Weddings, and Death & Memorials and Greek Entertaining. Peppered with Greek Philosophy quotes, this book will keep you informed and education in the Greek Way of Life.

Limited signed copies available until sold out .

Written by Eugenia Pantahos.

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