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Athena's Gift - Olive Leaf and Thyme Soy Wax Candle 360g


A competition held by Zeus changed Athens’ fate forever when Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, beat her uncle Poseidon in producing a gift that Athenians revered – the olive tree, laden with fruit and from which every olive tree in and around that ancient city has since been descended from. And so legend has it Athens got its name from their goddess. The smoky, bitter scent of olive leaf is blended with thyme, bergamot and sandalwood to immortalise Athena’s Gift in this soy wax candle. Subtle notes of musk and amber are intertwined in this fragrance to to balance the scent and herald the importance of the olive tree, its oil, wood and leaf. Step into the worlds of gods and greatness with this iconic candle fragrance (and maybe pay Yiayia a visit too, to really bring Greece home).

360gm 100% soy wax candle

up To 120 hour burn time

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: bergamot, lime

Middle notes: olive leaf, lemon thyme

Base notes: sandalwood, rose

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