Greek Cargo

Authentic Greek Fisherman Cap - Black

$45 $70

Traditionally worn by Greek fishermen from the 1800s, it was made popular by Anthony Quinn in Zorba the Greek and later John Lennon. Since then the Fisherman's cap has become a stylish fashion statement. Dior also featured it in his Fashion show in Athens in 2021. This cap/hat has never really gone out of style.  Worn by men and women, it has become a classic fashion icon.

We have collaborated with 3rd generation Greek cap makers,  who specialize in making Fisherman's caps since 1936.  Beautifully made and detailed with a braid and black ribbon around the front. Lined with red satin on the inside.  It's a great fashion accessory as well as being nostalgically Greek.

Designed and Made in Greece

100% Cotton for comfort

Exclusive to Greek Cargo

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