Aelia Anna

Samothraki White Luxury Greek Cotton Beach Towel - Aelia Anna


Aelia Anna's luxury towels have become the towel of choice both for its highly absorbent and ultra-quick drying properties, but also for its comfort and elegance. Hand loomed from natural fibres of cotton, it is lightweight, smooth and yet durable.

The Samothraki towel is a beautiful luxury towel featuring blue and white stripes alongside a crochet Mati (Greek eye) and hand knotted tassles.

These towels are ideal for the beach, pools, yoga studios. They take up very little space and are easy to carry, with a functional natural fabric. Made of pure cotton, with elegant Mediterranean designs weaved onto them. From traditional and conservative to modern, they have created a whole range of designs for various uses. 

Designed and Made in Greece

Dimensions: 100x 180 cm

100% Cotton

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